Procedures, Guidelines, and Technical Requirements

  1. Log in at using your Rice NetID and password to access the topic and readings for the summary writing task.
  2. Write your summary without assistance from anyone (including generative AI).
  3. Proofread the summary carefully.
  4. Complete Part 1 of the FWA.  Submit the summary before the specified deadline.  Please back-up your summary before submitting in case of internal or external technical issues.
  5. Complete Part 2 of the FWA.  Part 2 is a questionnaire that you must complete following submission of your summary in Part 1.  The questionnaire should take 10-20 minutes.
  6. Check to see that you have received your confirmation e-mail. 


  • The essay must contain at least 500 words and no more than 750 words. While the computer program will accept a summary longer than 750 words, an overly long summary most likely contains unnecessary details that detract from the focus of the essay.
  • You may take the FWA only once.
  • You may write the essay on a computer and use spelling checkers.  You also may use dictionaries or writing handbooks, but no other reference materials or writing assistance software (including generative AI) are allowed.
  • The summary activity is designed to allow you to write an appropriate response without any additional research. Do not do any additional reading or research beyond the articles provided, and, for the purposes of writing the summary, do not refer to any previous information you may have read on the topic. Each time you use information from the article provided, you must document the page number.  Please see the Assessment instructions for information on how to paraphrase and properly credit the article. Go to the Overview page for information on plagiarism and the Honor Code.
  • Once you access the readings for the writing task, you should complete the summary in 3 hours.  However, in case you need extra time, you will have 5 hours to submit your summary.  Any student with a disability requiring further accommodations must register with Disability Support Services (DSS).  You may contact the DSS office at 713-348-5841 or
  • You should not discuss the subject matter with anyone. Furthermore, you may not receive any assistance from anyone in planning, writing, revising, or editing your summary.

Go to Overview for a more complete discussion of the Honor Code guidelines for these essays.

Technical Requirements

To take Parts 1 and 2 of the FWA

  • You must be an undergraduate entering Rice University.
  • You must have your Rice NetID and password.  Need to activate your NetID?  Click here.
  • You need access to a computer with Internet access (modem, DSL, cable connections, etc.)

 To receive notifications about deadlines and results, you will need to monitor your Rice email account.

Questions about the exam: